Kathleen Meier is a french photographer from Metz.
She is graduated to the artistic school Ecoles de Condé with a special mention from the jury for her work on the narrative potential in fine art photography.
Her photographs are psychological. Through her subjects she reaches our mental activity, brings out our feelings, forces us to face our fears and desires. She appeals our imagination so that everyone have a full part to play in her work.
In 2015, she releases her first book Hostilités sourdes at APR2 Publishing.

Want to purchase a signed copie of Hostilités Sourdes ? Write to : meier.kathleen@gmail.com

Artworks by Kathleen Meier are available as limited edition prints, signed and numbered professionally printed on museum quality paper.

If you would like to know something more or for info about art purchases you can write to:

Exhibitions & Prizes

Contemporary Art Center Faux Mouvement - Window exhibition, Metz

Fotofever prize with Dahinden - shortlisted, Paris.
Canadian Cultural Center - "Image... envoyée, Image... sent", Paris
Opic Association - Virtual exhibition, Lyon.
Contemporary Art Center Faux Mouvement - Window exhibition, Metz

Besançon's Photography Festival - Museum Maisons Comtoises - Hors les Murs, Besançon.
Voies Off Arles festival - Galerie des Arènes, ImageNation, Arles.
Photographie Mon Amour festival - video projection Musicophotographie, Metz.
International Photography Grant - Nominee award in creative category.
Dissidence #3 - Château de Courcelles, Montigny-lès-Metz.

La GalerieMur, Metz.

Galerie de Condé, Nancy.

Galerie Lillebonne - Marge(s), Nancy

Hostilités sourdes, Arp2 Publishing, Bruxelles // See
Dissidence 2019, Huis Clos

Press web & print
Fisheye Magazine, La beauté de l’abandon // Read
Die Nacht, series 'Huis Clos' // Read
Relief, issue 14 // Read
Hashtag Photography Magazine, issue 23, p84 to 93 // Read
Fiiiirst, anonymous photo based discussions between authors photographers // Lire
Soap Magazine, series 'Huis Clos', volume 1
Républicain Lorrain, rubrique Regard, novembre 2019
L'Oeil de la Photographie // Read
Alea Jacta Est, numéro 17
International Photography Magazine // Read
Edge of Humanity // Read
Don't Smile Magazine // Read
Obscura Magazine, column 'Moments', series 'Hostilités sourdes' and 'Huis clos' // Read
Don’t take pictures, photo of the day, extract of 'Huis clos' // Read
Booooooom!, series 'Huis clos' // Read
Revista Détour, series 'Huis clos' // Read
Nordika Magazine, series 'Huis clos' // Read
Fleur and arbor, series 'Huis clos' + interview // Read
Landscape stories, series 'Hostilités sourdes' // Read
Float Magazine, series 'Huis clos' // Read
DailyBest.it, Le stanze solitarie, affascinanti e desolate di Kathleen Meier // Read
Brygg Magazine, 'Huis Clos' // Read
The Visual Voices, series 'Huis Clos' // Read
Trendland, series 'Huis Clos' // Read
Artwort, Le fotografie silenziose di Kathleen Meier, series 'Huis Clos' et 'Hostiltés Sourdes' // Read
PhotoFoto, Folio : Huis Clos // Read
Plain Magazine, Huis Clos by Kathleen Meier Seeks the Beauty in Isolation // Read
Plateform Magazine, Huis Clos, Issue 114 // Read
Visual Atelier 8, Kathleen Meier Turns Ordinary Scenes Into Unique Shots In 'Hostilités Sourdes' // Read
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Lula Japan Magazine, Huis Clos // Read
All About Photo, Huis Clos // Read
Widewalls // Read
9 Lives Magazine, une étude à Huis Clos // Read
Fraction Magazine, 11th Annisersary Issue, Huis Clos // Read
Humble Arts Foundation, Group Show 61, Huis Clos // Read

Radio & Tv
France 3 Lorraine for Dissidence 2019 exhibition, Huis clos
France bleu lorraine nord for Dissidence 2019 exhibition, Huis clos
RPL radio for Hostilités sourde's exhibtion in the GaleriMur